We are CANVAS,

we create memorable

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remarkable Brands.

Canvas in numbers


Dedicated and diverse individuals in our teams. We also run a world-class network who are here to do great work as well as be great to work with.


Pioneering the digital world. While we are proud of our history and accomplishments we're more loyal to the future and not our past.


Core practices Uniquely built to build brands that matter in culture. Strategy, Brand Experience, Digital Experience, Content and Technology.


Clients worldwide have trusted us to lead their brands into the future. We're dedicated to delivering the best for our partners. Always.


Growth in the last 3 years, we have strengthened our company with new leadership, talent, and clients... We're hiring btw.

CANVAS aims to support all sized operations who want visible and measurable results for their businesses. Built for those who want to discover new and creative ways to do so. We give a voice to our brand partners.
Because we like to be in constant contact with our customers, learning about their business or helping them overcome certain challenges, we offer 24/7 support throughout the contract period.
What we do

We help businesses
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How we work


Problem solvers by nature, and nerds at heart. We run a tight ship, manned by people who know how to run their tech. This culture of ownership makes for a flat company, with emphasis on the team. It's an environment that allows people to grow into their goals, and contribute to achieving the shared vision.


Every new project is individually assessed, and broken up into chewable chunks, set to milestones. Bespoke timelines, and our proven methodology keeps things on track, but factors in agility and exploration - keeping your budget in check.

The Do's

We transform content, media and digital assets into convertible & clickable eyecandy using Al, design principles and best practice. Then our team tap in, employing a combination of tools, plug-ins, code and ingenuity to transform this outer layer into a high-performing, one-of-a-kind digital product. Every site, app or interface is built to achieve business results, and user satisfaction.

Trusted by your favorite brands all over the world
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We never
on quality
We don’t want our brand associated with anything that isn’t of the highest quality. We make quality things, we give quality advice and we only hire quality people.
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The experience and
performance is
Our focus has always been to create intuitive and remarkable experiences for people. The experiences we craft are what we truly value and it’s what sets us apart from everyone else.
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Do things once
and do them
We don’t do anything by halves. We only do things the right way with care, know-how and effort. Corners are an important part of any journey and we don’t cut them, ever.
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